Aging and sleep 2017

From 06/29/2017 to 06/30/2017

Université catholique de Lyon - 10 Place des Archives, 69002 Lyon

Scientific Program

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The meeting will feature an exciting program with a focus on prevention, innovative diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in older adults.

Keynote lectures

• Stroke and Sleep Apnea / Henry Klar Yaggi (New Haven, CT, USA)
• Effects of Intermittent Hypoxia on the Whole Body / Hiroshi Kimura (Tokyo, Japan)
• Developing a personalized approach to sleep apnea / Allan Pack (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
• Wakefulness: Multiple Facets and Behavior-Dependent Control / Jian-Sheng Lin (Lyon, France)

Main topics

Geriatric sleep medicine covers a broad array of issues and IASRG will consider some of these topics at this meeting:
• Obstructive sleep apnea management in older adults
• Obstructive sleep apnea related morbidity and mortality in older adults
• Central sleep apnea – A diagnostic and treatment challenge
• Chronic disease and sleep
• Chronobiology and aging
• CPAP treatment adherence in older adults
• Ethics in geriatric sleep medicine
• Frailty, disability, multiple morbidity and sleep disorders
• Geriatric syndromes and sleep apnea
• Intermittent hypoxia and sleep apnea
• Insomnia in late life
• New hypnotics / Orexin receptor antagonists
• Hypersomnia and its assessment
• Medical disorders and sleep in older adults
• Memory, dementia and sleep
• Molecular and neurobiological aspects of sleep
• Neurodegenerative disease and sleep in older adults
• Polypharmacy and sleep disorders in older adults
• Pulmonary disease and sleep
• Dream and cognition
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Research perspectives in geriatric sleep medicine
• Sleep in nursing home and long term care units

Topics listed above are subject to modifications. A more detailed meeting program will be announced later.